Friday, June 3, 2011

Studio3 Art Gallery: Studio3 Art Gallery: Art As Investment

Studio3 Art Gallery: Studio3 Art Gallery: Art As Investment: "The two words art and investment taken together create an intellectual contradiction and force us to think as to how an art object is termed..."

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Passion For Christ

Paul Bhonsle who likes to be called Paul B. a young man who doesn’t believe that getting a formal training in art guarantees being a good artist. He believes that going to art college can teach you the techniques of painting but it curbs your creativity. Paul has succeeded in creating a niche for himself. He paints Christian icons and says that his art is not restricted only to Christians but art lovers in general. Dimple Kapadia is a big fan of Paul’s works. Pinky Roshan & Namrata Dutt are also proud owners of Paul’s paintings. His paintings are with collectors in London & New York.

Paul’s paintings of Christ, Mother Mary and The Altar boys transports you thru a spiritual journey. His paintings have a lot of detailing and hence he takes six to eight months to complete a piece of art. He works in 24 carat gold leaf and oil on canvas. When everyone these days are using fiber frames he painstakingly frames his paintings in teakwood. Paul an avid collector of Christian artifacts has scored the markets of Goa and Kerala and has a vast collection of old altars and Christian filigree. He frames the paintings in the altars after refurbishing them which serve as an innovative way of displaying his art.

    Paul has never exhibited his works in a gallery. He has showcased his works In James Ferreira’s 180 year old Portuguese villa in Kotachiwadi & in Trafford House which is a late 19thcentury Dutch Colonial building. He is of the opinion that his paintings speak volumes in the right ambience.

Paul’s works have been featured by Osian’s. Paul has big plans for the future and I am waiting patiently to view his next show.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Art Exhibition Titled One By One .

Studio3 Presents An Art Exhibition Titled “One By One”. A Small Format Show By Buwa Shete, H.R.Das, Jagannath Paul, J.M.S. Mani,Laxman Aelay, Ramesh Gorjala, Sachin Jaltare, Vrindavan Solanki And Vijay Shelar. Works Can Be Viewed Online On

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

“ A City Wakes Up Inside Me” By Nayanaa Kanodia

Nayanaa Kanodia a demure but confident lady of the world just finished her 19th solo show at the Museum Art Gallery in Mumbai. With no formal training in art, except for a short 1 year apprenticeship with Anjolie Ela Menon, a burning desire to paint and armed with her grit & determination, Nayanaa has scaled great heights in the art world. Nayanaa is the first Indian of Non British origin whose works are in the collection of the “Paintings in Hospitals” UK. In 1998 she was selected by the Commonwealth Institute for a solo show in their newly renovated complex in London. In 2001 she was invited by Victoria & Albert Museum London to exhibit her works and give a demonstration of her painting technique. 
The show titled “ A City Wakes Up Inside Me” is a tribute to Mumbai. She was shaken up after the terrorist attack where she lost some dear friends & relatives. Her simplistic style transports one to another era. A dream city hers & ours is put on canvas. A city so clean and organized….There were paintings of heritage monuments, the Flora Fountain, Princess Street and the Municipal Corporation which she has so aptly titled Manipulation Corporation. One cannot miss the witty underlying humour in the paintings. Nayanaa believes a city would be lifeless without its people. Ordinary people whom we miss noticing would probably fade into oblivion with economic progress. Like a man on a cycle or the Barber at the Nukkad. Her figurative works unravel a story within the frame. “Looking Pretty” & “Morning News” are scenes one can relate to with ease.
Nayanaa’s popularity can be judged by the turnout of guests who turned up in full force. The preview was well attended by Jehangir Sabawal, Shobha De, Anjolie Ela Menon and the entire art fraternity.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Last Communist By Ajay De

Ajay De had a grand opening of his show on 16th November at the Jehangir Art Gallery. Jehangir was buzzing with activity since morning that day. It felt like we were in for a political rally of sorts. There were loud speakers and red flags adorning the entire area. The show titled “The Last Communist” had paintings that were predominantly red black & white. In tune with the color scheme of the paintings Ajay had got the whole floor of the hall covered in black.
 No one would imagine a soft spoken man like Ajay De, was part of the Communist Student Movement in Kolkata as a young college boy. His paintings mainly comprised of processions and faces but one that intrigued me the most, was the one that had ants destroying the communist flag depicting the end of communism.

The paintings were interspersed with photographs & graffiti and not to forget, sculptures too. The mood was charged with a recording of sounds of gunshots and sirens, which played every couple of minutes. Ajay was in high spirits with his cap & greeted all the guests that attended; Paresh Maity, Navaz Singhania, Prahlad Kakkar, T V Personality Mahesh Thakur & politico Ram Kadam with his entourage of body guards. All in all it was a superb show put together.

Vinita Mirchandani -

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Show Of Art At Jehangir Art Gallery

Just saw Snehal Ghangrekar’s show at the Jehangir Art Gallery. What a show!! As one walked in one was struck by the bright & colorful works. The whole gallery looked like it was illuminated. Reds, Blues & Oranges. The figurative forms of Krishna, Meera, Guru Shishya draped in fabric woven intricately that told a story.

The artist Snehal Ghangrekar a diminutive soft spoken lady had painted a canvas eight feet tall. When I asked her how she did it, she said she used a ladder and had to paint it in parts. I have known Snehal from the year 2000. She started with painting on paper. This is her first solo show and it’s the first time she has showcased her works on canvas. She has worked for four and a half years to put this show together. The show has been well received a near sell out.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Studio3 Art Gallery: Art As Investment

The two words art and investment taken together create an intellectual contradiction and force us to think as to how an art object is termed as an investment.

An art object is a soulful expression of the artistic sensibilities that has an intrinsic value. Which is not just because of the interlaced creative and aesthetic juices but also because of it’s relevance in the time frame of an era. And it is due to these attributes that an art object acquires a financial value.

And since art is very subjective it needs deeper understanding with regard to its financial aspect.

To take an example if we look at two art objects given in history from the same period, it isn’t necessary that the two will command an identical value. Even when given from the same period it would depend upon the artistic, creative and aesthetic sensitivity portrayed by the individual art object that contributes to its uniqueness thus influencing the financial value attached to it. Same holds true for the contemporary art world where we are all in the same time frame experiencing these attributes but from our own perspectives. But as it had been stated earlier that art is subjective thus one can feel mislead from ones own understanding. Therefore unless one has the knowledge and understanding of the subject one would not be able to establish the relation between the art object and the value attached to it and neither would one be able to foresee whether this art object would appreciate in value in future or for that matter it might just depreciate. If a judicial selection is made this value over a period of time multiplies and thus an art object transforms into an asset.

The Indian art is today being recognized on the global platform and at home the Indian art market is annually growing at 30-35%. It is being predicted that this trend would continue. It is not just because of the surge in Indian economy that has had a trickle effect and triggered the boom in Indian art market but also because Indian art has a long way to go. It is far behind if one was to draw a comparison with others in Asian art market itself.

Thus with a potent economy to support, international exposure, the ever growing awareness and the knowledge of art just a click away, it all mounts to the long awaited big bang in Indian art industry. And since our art industry is still in an emerging state those who understand this transition will benefit the most.

We at are now an element of this silent renaissance and intend to make you participate in this movement. With us we bring you the power to click and make an aesthetic investment by selecting from our handpicked works of art, of renowned as well as upcoming artists, so that investors and collectors are assured of buying a winning piece of ‘art stock’.

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